77 Performance Pieces for Soprano Recorder

An outstanding music sheet album has been released — 77 Performance Pieces for Soprano Recorder is edited by Imre Lachegyi. The aim of the edition is to expand the basic instrumental music repertoire. When choosing the compositions, Imre Lachegyi intended to provide a wide choice of styles as well as compile pieces of different level of difficulty. Most of the works in the volume are a transcription of pieces composed for keyboard instruments. The guiding principle behind the accompaniments (arranged by the excellent harpsichord player, Aino Oláh) was simplicity so that even the teachers of the solo musical instrument can accompany their students. At the end of the volume you can find some popular pieces for two parts.

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New videos and sounds in Media

We’ve uploaded some new video and audio recordings of Imre Lachegyi’s originals to the website: his recorder solo piece, performed at the 11th Börzsöny Baroque Days on 30 August, 2014, at the Calvinist Church of Szokolya, Hungary, and 4 chamber music works, performed with his children at the 2014 Vác Summer Festival — 3 duos with Máté and a trio with Anna and Róza.

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Please be patient... we’re working hard

Welcome to the all new website of Imre Lachegyi. The new site is much larger than the previous version, with lots of fascinating new content — writings, information pages, media etc. We’ve a resolute intention to present you a full version of the website in English, however it takes us some time to translate everything. So we kindly ask for your patience, while some parts of the English site haven’t been translated yet.

Imre Lachegyi: Visio

Imre Lachegyi’s new album Visio of his own compositions has been released. This is the first album by Imre Lachegyi which contains his original compositions instead of early music, and his first recording with his children who are also musicians: Róza (on the violin), Anna (on the cello) and Máté (on the piano), and with an excellent young jazz drummer, Szilveszter Miklós, who has joined in the family ensemble. The music itself crosses the boundaries of several styles —classical and contemporary music, jazz and folk music—, and although it is basically fully composed, sometimes it has improvisative parts.

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Telemann: Trios

Hallgasson bele és rendelje meg Lachegyi Imre, Papp Dániel, Oláh Aino és Szászvárosi Sándor 2011. decemberében megjelent, új lemezét, amelyen a nagy német barokk mester, Georg Philipp Telemann triószonátáit játsszák.

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Consort Music Foundation

Imre Lachegyi is the president and one of the major artists of Consort Music Foundation.

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